Ryles Last concert March 29th, 2018

After more than 40 years, Ryles Jazz Club closed at the end of June 2018.

The Club was a place where our new music would come alive, and I performed there for over 25 years.

James, Ryles' sound man and my dearest friend, recorded many of our concerts. He not only recorded our very last Ryles concert in March of 2018, but he also performed with us on one of the tunes that night - very cool!

I am truly grateful to Ryles for the many nights of exiting music we played throughout the years, and, as a last memory, the last concert is being released for free!

You can download MP3s or CD waves using the links at the bottom of the page.

I also sequenced cell phone videos for 3 tunes, and mixed them with the sound from the digital recording. Thank you to the peple that reconded them!

Thank you Ryles, one last time!




Giovanni Moltoni (Guitar/Synth), Rick Di Muzio (Sax), Paul Del Nero (Bass), Bertram Lehmann (Drums), James Kamal Jones (Drums on "A Day In Memphis")

1- Minorica (Premiere)

2- Wolf Dance

3- New Home

4- A Day In Memphis

5- Best Hope

6- After The Rain

7- Fe-Fe Blues

High Quality MP3s 256

CD Waves 16/441



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