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2018 - C#2
Giovanni Moltoni (Guitar/Synth), Rick Di Muzio (Sax), Paul Del Nero (Bass), Bertram Lehmann  (Drums), James Kamal Jones (Drums on "A Day In Memphis")

Just Another Night - Live Trio

2016 - C#2
Giovanni Moltoni (Guitar/Synth), Fernando Huergo (Bass), Marcello Pellitteri (Drums)

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"the intimate and choice setting of the live stage makes Just Another Night the perfect way to tune into the timeless, long-standing jazz guitar sounds of Giovanni Moltoni."


Tomorrow's Past

2012 - C#2
Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Giovanni Moltoni (Guitar/Synth), Fernando Huergo (Bass), Bob Tamagni (Drums)

Giovanni Moltoni: Tomorrow’s Past May 30, 2013 By George W. Harris Italian guitarist Giovanni Moltoni has put out an impressive session that has a feel similar to the classic Chet Baker sessions of the late 50s. The light and buoyant lyricism of pieces like “Just a Thought” and “Green Line” lifted up by the bright and pungent trumpet of Greg Hopkins, who gives a West Coast Coolness to the session. Rounded out with Fernando Huergo/b and Bob Tamagni/dr, the quartet can get a bit linear and tangential as well, as Moltoni’s sandy toned six strings veers around the corners on “Falling” and ”Prosser’s Waltz.” An oblique “Two Blues” shows how 50s melody and 21st Century harmonies can subsist together just like a gelateria being juxtaposed with the Pantheon. Bella! 



2010 - C#2
Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Giovanni Moltoni (Guitar/Synth), Fernando Huergo (Bass), Bob Tamagni (Drums)


2008 - C#2
Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Giovanni Moltoni (Guitar/Synth), Fernando Huergo (Bass), Bob Tamagni (Drums)

JAZZ WEEKLY Dec. 2008 

Giovanni Moltoni has put together a quartet          that is big on explorative lyricism and intriguing rhythms. Moltoni mixes his wiry and warm guitar with subdued synth sounds to create a soothing sound that coalesces well with Hopkins’ demur and dusky trumpet. An excellent mix of improvising within the context of creative compositions. -George W. Harris


2003 - C#2
Giovanni Moltoni (guitar), Paul Del Nero (bass), Bob Tamagni (drums)

JazzTimes - March 2004 CD,

Openground. Moltoni's often-inventive original compositions provide a forum for his progressive harmonies, which he desribes as airy and open... Moltoni's music, it's creative and frequently infectious, a treat for the heart and mind alike. - Jim Ferguson

Boston Globe Interview with Giovanni Moltoni.

Moltoni's music (he composed all nine tunes on the CD) is soothing without being treacly or trite, and reminiscent of the moody, ethereal virtuosity popularized by the German label ECM in the 1970s. Anyone who checks out Openground will likely be glad he did. Read full article - Bill Beuttler

1996 - PENTAFLOWERS s.n.c.

Giovanni Moltoni (guitar), Hal Crook (trombone), Paul Del Nero (bass), and Marcello Pellitteri (drums)

"Once again Giovanni has come up with some great structures - smoking! -" Charlie Banacos


Live Video Recordings

Youtube - @giomoltoni




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